What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to maintain good health, combat muscle and nerve pain, fight infection, address dermatological issues and relax, revitalise and balance the body and mind. It is a common perception that aromatherapy is merely a technique for relaxation, using pleasant smells in a soothing massage. However, the real effects of clinical aromatherapy treatments can be deeper and more therapeutic than this. In fact, essential oils enter the body via the airways and through the skin (entering the bloodstream) and affect the body on a chemical level as well as psychologically.


Aromatherapy treatments may help to relieve:

- Stress and Tension                                 - Insomnia      
- Anxiety and Depression                         - Digestive problems  
- Muscular Pain                                      - Fluid Retention     
- Eczema / Dermatitis                             - Chronic Fatigue     

- Scars and assisting in wound healing       - Recurring Colds and Flu’s  

and many other disorders..


The Treatment


When you arrive for your first aromatherapy treatment we will start with a consultation, taking your physical, and mental health, lifestyle and medical history into consideration*. We will discuss the best treatment plan for you and I will create a unique blend of essential oils based on your needs and application method. This is often through a therapeutic massage; either full-body or focussed on the area of concern. If the issue is purely focused on skin conditions (i.e. eczema) or when massage is not suitable, then a prescribed product will be blended for you to take home either in the form of a cream, ointment, gel or oil.

This information is held in the strictest confidence.



What are Essential oils?

Essential oils are produced in the leaves of aromatic plants during the process of photosynthesis. They are then stored in a variety of places, such as in the flowers, leaves, fruit, seeds, etc, depending on the plant. Essential oils are highly concentrated and have a large range of therapeutic properties making them very useful in the treatment of many different ailments



How do essential oils affect the body and mind?

When essential oils are inhaled, the aromatic molecules enter the nose, which has a direct link to the limbic region of the brain. Here, smells are interpreted as feelings and therefore the effect on our mood and emotions can be quite significant, helping to adjust and balance the mind. When applied through body massage, the essential oils penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream without much difficulty due to their very small molecular size. These contain various therapeutic properties, such as pain relieving, muscular relaxant, warming and stimulating for the blood circulation, anti-viral and anti-bacterial and many others. These can help with the prevention, and ease the symptoms, of chronic or recurring physical and mental illnesses.


Having a deeper understanding of health and wellness has become increasingly important to me as I've spent more time at a desk job. I've been a more active runner and yogi and have combined this with semi-regular massages for balance. I had the great pleasure of meeting Ibbi to try an aromatherapy massage for the first time.  At first appointment, I was quite congested and getting over a chest cold - not only was Ibbi able to provide relief to my sore back and muscles but sent me home with some oils created just for me during our appointment that could be used to get me through my winter cold. Though you often sit down with a massage therapist prior to your first meeting to discuss your sore bits and pains, this was different.  The focus was on holistic wellness and I found myself wanting to go home and research the different aromatherapy oils and better understand my body in relation to the questions Ibbi was asking. I have since returned for more visits and would absolutely recommend Ibbi to anyone looking to not only have a wonderful, soothing massage - but learn more about themselves along the way!

K Goodrich


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