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Facial Treatments will be available from April 19th

Below is a list of the facial treatments I offer, however, all treatments will be tweaked to suit your skin's specific needs. A thorough consultation will take place on your first visit which will help me to understand the health of your skin and is also an opportunity for you to let me know what you hope to achieve from your treatments.

As a standard your facial will include cleansing, hydration, treatment serum according to your skin's needs, eye care and sun protection. Whenever suitable, extractions and face massage will also be added.

The initial consultation will last at least 30 min and the facial treatment approximately 60 min. All treatments includin consultation cost £45.

Brightening Treatment

The treatment is designed to create a more even and brighter complexion, while also stimulating and nourishing the skin. It includes a very superficial peel using AHAs, extractions and massage may be added as needed.

Hydrating Treatment

The treatment is specially designed to care for dry, struggling skins. It is also suitable for sensitive skins where I would be using more simple and pure botanical products to care and calm any irritation. the hydrating treatment is excellent for boosting your skin's water content and will help you on your way to softer, healthier and happier skin. 

Purifying Treatment

This treatment is designed to perform a thorough cleanse of the skin, while also calming irritation and support it to return to better health. our skin is always trying to repair itself, but when there is congestion, the task becomes more difficult. This treatment uses enzymatic exfoliating and a purifying mask and includes extractions.

Firming Treatment

This treatment is designed to tone the facial muscles and increase circulation within the tissues. It is focussed around various manual massage techniques and includes a firming mask.

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