Natural Organic Facial

In a facial treatment your products will be blended on the day of your appointment. These are made up of purely natural and organic ingredients including Aloe vera gel, carrier oils (plant/nut oils), essential oils, honey, yoghurt, avocado, lemon and hydrolats and others

I use mainly my own tailor-made products but may also incorporate Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic skin care range, for example when a moisturising cream is needed. 


We will discuss before you come in which products and ingredients would be best suited for you.


In this relaxing 1-hour treatment I will focus on the following:




Face massage

Hot flannel (to open pores)

Face mask

Hand or foot massage


Serum and moisturiser application.

Example products blended by Ibbi Lidstone. Available to purchase amongst other bespoke products

About the Natural Organic Facial Treatment:


The biggest benefit of a natural facial is by using organic and natural occurring products, the skin is much better able to return to it’s original and balanced state. Giving it freedom from ingredients so often added to high street skin care products that cannot penetrate the dermis, that clog the pores or even strip away the much needed moisturising oils the skin produces called sebum. When we take away unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients such as preservatives and synthetic fragrance, and only use material the skin can use, we give it the full opportunity to replenish, restore and regenerate; gently bringing it back to a clean surface and a balance between too much and too little sebum. In this treatment, I only work with products and ingredients the skin can use and recognizes.

Products are chosen based on your skin type and

blended on the day of your treatment.


Carrier oils (plant/nut):

- Jojoba                    - Camellia

- Argan                    - Rosehip      

- Apricot Kernel         - Pomegrante


Hydrolats (Floral waters): 

Used as toners and added in products


- Rose water

- Lavender water

- Chamomile water

- Orange Blossom water


Face Mask ingredients:

- Essential oils

- Plant/nut oils

- Yoghurt

- Honey

- Aloe Vera

- Banana

- Avocado

- Lemon Juice

- Hydrolats  (Flower waters)

Pure ingredients:      (Example. Not a complete list)       

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