Price list

OFFER: Purchase a block of 6 one hour treatments and pay for only 5,                      saving you £45! (excludes facials)


                6 one hour treatments for the price of 5:          £225



Initial consultation and treatment                         1 ½ hour    £45


Follow-up treatments:

Consultation and treatment                                       1 hour        £45

Typically with a massage



Short consultation and treatment plan                   30 min       £30


        If a take-home, prescribed cream, gel, ointment or oil is needed,

these are made on the day of your treatment and priced individually.

Prices depend on the amount, quantity and oils used.


In example: a 20ml to 30ml cream made to treat eczema would usually cost

around £6 to £12


Facial Treatments

Initial consultation and treatment                    1 ½  - 2 hours          £45

Follow up treatment                         approximately 1 ½ hour         £45

Natural Face Lift Massage


One treatment                                                     65 min           £45

A series of 6 treatments for the price of 5                 65 min           £225

Prices correct on 1st July 2018 - subject to change

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