The Natural Face Lift Programme

Dive into a truly natural way of caring for your skin

and see dramatic results!

The Natural Face Lift Programme has been created to give you the opportunity to embrace a new approach to looking after your skin in a natural way, giving you visible and prolonged results. 


The Programme is a comprehensive and personal plan of action and is therefore tailor-made to you. It includes:

  • 6 Natural Face Lift Massage treatments

  • A booklet with your personal plan

  • Facial exercises with access to video tutorials

  • Facial self-massage strokes and stretches with access to video tutorials

  • Skin care advice including info on products and ingredients

  • Before and After photos


Are you ready to embark on this 6 week course and start slowing down accelerating signs of ageing? 

Read on below for more info

What does the Programme entail?

The Natural Face Lift Programme is a course of 6 treatments carried out on a weekly basis  (preferably, when possible). 

You will receive a booklet containing your treatment plan.


You will be taught which facial exercises to do at home in between your treatments as well as massage strokes and stretches.


The booklet also contain information on skin care, natural products/ingredients and basic info on facial muscles and functions of the skin.

A neutral photo will be taken of your face and neck on the day of your first treatment and again after your last. These before and after photos will be emailed to you so you can see the results of your programme.

When you have finished your 6 treatments, you will have learned how to carry on with a skin care regime that will give your skin what it needs. The facial exercises and massage strokes will not only prolong the effects of your treatments, but in the long term, help to keep your skin more taught, supple and vibrant, giving you a more youthful look for longer.

Together we can get your skin looking its best;

healthy and glowing, both during your 6 week programme and in the future.

Benefits of the Natural Face Lift Massage:

While a series of 6 treatments achieves the best results of the Natural Face Lift Massage

you will notice even after your first session some of these wonderful benefits:


  • Reduced wrinkles and expression lines.  

  • Vibrant and youthful appearance.

  • Your skin becoming softer.

  • Your complexion and skin tone improved.

  • Bagginess, sagginess and puffiness reduced.

  • Elasticity returning to you face

Your Programme Booklet

I have had facial treatments in the past that have left my skin feeling good, but the huge difference with The Natural Face Lift Massage is that my skin actually felt supported and the facial muscles lifted. It is a gentle, relaxing and extremely effective totally natural treatment which makes a really visible difference! 

A Clayton


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How the Natural Face Lift Massage works

Most of us live with various tensions in our bodies and many of these sit in our face, such as habitual facial expressions. We often don’t even know we’re doing it! Along with the ageing processes, these expressions leave their mark on our face in the form of lines, wrinkles, sagginess and puffiness. The techniques of the Natural Face Lift Massage are developed to tackle lines and wrinkles but also the underlying facial muscles and the structure of the skin. This will help bringing elasticity and sheen back to the skin. The connective tissue, formed from fiber proteins such as collagen and elastin, will start to ease up giving it more suppleness and flexibility. Along with releasing restrictions, stimulate circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage, the tissues can regain freedom and elasticity leaving you and your skin looking and feeling relaxed, glowing and rejuvenated!


This treatment does not only help to reverse many adverse effects on your skin but can also go a long way to delaying or preventing further damage in the future.

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The Results  These photos were taken after 6 treatments, done weekly. They have not been retouched.













The price of the Natural Face Lift Programme includes 1 free treatment!

Price breakdown:

6 treatments for the price of 5:                        £225   (saving you £45)

A personalised programme,

booklet with facial exercises, massage strokes

and stretches tutorials, skin care advice

before and after photos:                             only £35

Total price:                                        £260

The best way to relax the muscles and restore their mobility is through massage and exercise. This is true for the muscles of the face as it is for the rest of body”


Kundan & Narendra Metha, pioneers of Indian Head Massage and

The Natural Face Lift Massage

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Programme front cover

This is how your Natural Face Lift Programme folder looks like. It is yours to keep and is full of information on how to care for your skin and facial muscles, keeping a more youthful look for longer.